Trinco Mitra Inn Welcomes You

Trincomalee Mitra Inn for your pleasant and peaceful holiday at a safe decent place in the east coast of Sri Lanka

Trinco Mitra Inn is located in North Coast Road (NC Road) at Uppuveli just 03 minute driving distance (3.4Km) from Trincomalee Bus Station, 02 minute driving distance (2.5Km) from Trincomalee Railway Station and 15 minute driving distance (12Km) from Trincomalee Airport (China Bay).

Mitra Inn is a highly security and very pleasant and peaceful decent place for your enjoyable staying with your family. In front of the hotel is St. Ignatius Convent (Sisters of the Holy Angles) and Pastoral Centre and right side is Uppuveli Pilayar Kovil (Temple) and the ground floor is Supermarket

You could easily access whole the tour spots from Mitra Inn because of its location at N Coast Road which is the major street to link most of major tour spots in Trincomalee and also the Uppuveli beach is just 2 minute walking distance from Mitra Inn.

Trincomalee East Coast of Sri Lanka - Videos

Uppuveli Beach is 400m from Trinco Mitra Inn...

Trincomalee - East Coast of Sri Lanka

Trincomalee is the 5th largest natural harbour and one of the most beautiful natural harbour in the world. The beaches are used for recreational purposes such as surfing, scuba diving, fishing and whale, dolphin watching. 

Trincomalee is home to the fine beaches of Nilaveli, Uppuveli and the off-shore Pigeon Island. Recently Trincomalee has become popular as a Whale & dolphin Watching destination as well.

The Dive centers at Nilaveli and Uppuveli offer tourists the opportunity to enjoy their holidays in diving, snorkeling and swimming. The city is the largest Dutch fort in Sri Lanka. The city is located on a peninsula, which divides the inner and outer harbours.

Trincomalee is an anglicized version of the Tamil word Thirukonamalai which means "lord of the sacred hill".  It is a hill situated in the end of a natural land formation that resembles an arc (Swami Rock / Koneswaram). The seven hot springs at Kanniya attract regular crowds throughout the year in view of the therapeutic properties of the water as well as the varying temperatures from one well to the other.